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Mayer Electric, an Authorized Tattletale® Portable Alarm Systems dealer, provides you with the simplest, most cost-effective portable security system anywhere. There has never been a better time to secure your jobsite, business or home.

Tattletale® Portable Alarm System is a wireless, fully featured, monitored alarm system more simple to activate and use than a cellular phone.  No wires.  No phone lines.  No permanent installation.  Just plug in Tattletale to an electrical outlet and sixty seconds later Tattletale is ready to be armed by simply entering a 4 digit code.  Every Tattletale comes with a built-in motion detector, a 115-decibel siren, a strobe light and key pad.  Each Tattletale is also sealed, tamper-proof and comes with a 12-hour rechargeable battery back up that will allow Tattletale to function without interruption in case of a power loss.  Tattletale can talk to a total of 16 indoor and outdoor high performance wireless accessories.  These accessories transmit up to 2000 feet away form the Tattletale utilizing next generation 900MHz spread spectrum technology. 

Tattletale® Portable Alarm System uses the digital data control channel of the existing cellular network to send a high performance cellular data burst that cannot be stopped.  Tattletale provides 24-hour wireless monitoring nationwide.  Plug it in.   Fax the Customer Activation Sheet and Monitoring Agreement.  Tattletale utilizes a nationwide wireless network to alert customers and the local authorities in the event of an alarm.

Once all your Tattletale® devices are in place call TattleTale Customer Service and they will walk you through a quick test of your system to ensure that it is communicating and functioning properly; once complete you can arm your system with confidence!  Contact our office today for more information.


INSTANT PROTECTION: Tattletale® is a complete alarm system in one compact unit. Just plug it in. There is no installation, no wires and no appointments to schedule.

PORTABLE ALARM SYSTEM: You own it. You can move it from one location to another at any time.

WIRELESS SECURITY: Tattletale® sends an instant wireless signal to 24/7 emergency dispatch. With the addition of long range wireless accessories tattletale can protect anything, anywhere, anytime.

THE FASTEST ALARM SIGNAL: Tattletale® uses a wireless data link to send the alarm signal. This signal is a one-way data packet that travels over the digital data control channel of the existing cellular network. There can be no dropped calls!

NO PHONE LINE TO CUT: Thieves typically cut a phone line before entering a premise. Data packet technology is superior to conventional alarm systems because there is no phone line to cut. The digital wireless alarm signal also eliminates the chance that a power surge will cause a false alarm.

USE IT ANYWHERE; IT'S CELLULAR: Use Tattletale® anywhere in the United States and Canada. There are no long distance and no roaming charges.

Contact our office today to learn how we can add value to your project.

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