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Mayer Electric, an Authorized Generac® and Briggs&Stratton® Generator dealer, provides you with the most cost-effective automatic standby generators. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help you chose the correct generator and our factory trained service technicians will ensure it is installed correctly.  Mayer Electric's after the sale support ensures that you will have years of trouble free, reliable electricity when you need it most.  There has never been a better time time to get a Standby Genenerator for your business or home.


When the power goes out at your business or home , you need to be sure that there is a reliable power supply to your critical systems.  Mayer Electric is an authorized dealer for Generac® and Briggs&Stratton® Automatic Standby Generators; the most cost effective, reliable, and user friendly backup generators on the market today!

Tornados and other severe weather can come unexpectedly and violently; disrupting our lives and threatening our safety.  Being without power can be more than just an inconvenience, it can be extremely dangerous.  If you rely on a dependable power source to run things like medical equipment, refrigeration units or other critical items, you’re going to need a good backup.

Why do people choose Mayer Electric for Generac® and Briggs&Stratton® Generators ?

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