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While Mayer Electric is known for providing cost effective and efficient electrical service since 1946, less well known is our experience and product lines that our System Services group offers.  Featured among these is our Building Automation System (BAS) controls. Many of our customers have been provided with State-of-the-art Computrols BAS products and software.  While Mayer Electric Corporation as a company has been providing BAS installation services since 1994, our personnel have more than 30 years experience in commercial, industrial control and electrical services. Our experience extends to the design, installation, calibration, and service of integrated solutions in office buildings, educational, commercial and manufacturing industries. We are committed and focused on delivering controls applications that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Product Line
The CBAS building automation system has a multitude of advanced capabilities. Complete HVAC control. Central plants supply air-handling units with chilled water, hot water and/or condenser water systems, as well as transformers and emergency power. Lighting is another automated service that can be turned on and off with a building automation system based on time of day. Operating times can be set by individual tenants within the building.  Security systems like Computrols' Access Control can also be interlocked to a building automation system. If occupancy sensors are present, they can also be used as burglar alarms.  Fire and smoke alarm systems such as Computrols' CSimon Fire Protection System can detect activation of a number of alarms that can signal the presence of a serious safety event.

Computrols Overview
Building automation is a programmed, computerized, "intelligent" network of electronic devices that monitor and control the HVAC, security, fire, or lighting systems in a building. The intent is to create an intelligent building and reduce energy and maintenance costs.  Computrols designs, manufactures and services state-of-the-art building automation systems throughout the U.S. and abroad. With over 20 years in the industry, Computrols has established a solid reputation as a leader in automation systems for large facilities. High-rise office towers, military bases, and government monuments across the United States and the world benefit from the power, simplicity, and reliability of Computrols products.  Computrols began providing first-rate professional technical service in 1983 for large building automation systems. A complete dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction provided valuable lessons that would carry the company for years to come. Computrols learned that simplicity, flexibility, and power were the cornerstones of success in the building automation industry. And it’s this first-hand knowledge of what’s important to customers that continues to drive Computrols product development.  Software development at Computrols is a tremendous mechanism for implementing the company philosophy. Computrols delivers simple yet powerful building automation software design. While large networked building automation systems comprise many parts, the software brings a face to an otherwise complex collection of components. That’s why Computrols continues to dedicate tremendous focus and resources to their software products. CBAS remains the flagship of the Computrols product lines. Customers that use CBAS enjoy a first class driving experience. Not only do they feel the power and ease of controlling their building’s operations from the convenience of a high-powered CBAS workstation, they actually enjoy it.

Computrols Electronics Engineers remain loyal to the company’s mission of simplicity, flexibility, and power. Controls and automation products continue to be produced with the same quality that Computrols customers have come to expect from their service and software divisions. And because senior management oversees all user-related aspects of electronics products–from keypads to LCDs, from usability to ease-of-installation–all Computrols products reflect the same values upon which their reputation is built.  Cutting edge research and development keeps Computrols in the vanguard of building automation technological developments. Web-based controllers, wireless products, and advanced energy management techniques are just a few of the recent developments. 

Computrols began as a service company.  Understanding this fact is critical in understanding Computrols -- an obsession with:

The CBAS Building Automation Controllers manufactured by Computrols, Inc. provide an incredible LIFETIME WARRANTY and Computrols is an Energy Star Partner as well. Also, The Computrols Life-Time warranty is simple - once you have purchased the product, if it ever fails they will replace it for no cost…it’s that simple.

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