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Meet our staff:

Allan Holm: Ext. 234 • Email: al@mayerelectriccorp.com
CEO: Electrical & Generator quotes and Project Management

Jake Holm: Ext. 230 • Email: jake@mayerelectriccorp.com
Project Manager: Electrical quotes

Scott Timmons: Ext. 240 • Email: stimmons@mayerelectriccorp.com
Project Manager: Electrical & Energy Saving Audit quotes

Rick Moen: Ext. 235 • Email: rmoen@mayerelectriccorp.com
Project Manager:  Energy Management System & Electrical quotes

Jim Morris: Ext. 232 • Email: jmorris@mayerelectriccorp.com
Project Manager:  Fire Alarm System, Tattletale & Low Voltage quotes

Mike Hall: Ext. 236 • Email: mike@mayerelectriccorp.com
Voice/Data quotes and Journeyman Technician

Steve Magee: Ext. 239 • Email: steve@mayerelectriccorp.com
Controller: Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

Pam: Ext. 238 • Email: pam@mayerelectriccorp.com
Accounts Payable

Chris: Ext. 237 • Email: clehto@mayerelectriccorp.com
Accounts Receivable

Karlyn: Ext. 225 • Email: karlyn@mayerelectriccorp.com
Operations and Office Manager

Erik Bohjanen : Ext. 224 • Email: erikb@mayerelectriccorp.com
Purchasing Agent:  Fields Material Purchases, Delivery and Inventory Control

Seth Holm : Ext. 228 • Email: seth@mayerelectriccorp.com
Service Manager:  Project & Service Scheduling ""Extraordinare""

Heat-Scan/Thermal Imaging

Detect potential infrastructure failures prior to them actually causing an outage

Heat-Scan / Thermal Imaging

Arc Flash Evaluation!

Protect your facility and personnel by ensuring OSHA compliance with the NFPA 70E requirements

Arc Flash Evaluation

Authorized Generator Dealer

Generac® and Briggs&Stratton®
Don't let the lights go out.
You need a good backup


Tattletale Security Systems

Tattletale Security Systems Stop Theft Tonight! No Phone Line, No Installation, No Waiting

Tattletale Security Systems

Energy Saving Audits

Lighting is a signifanct cost of operating any building. Save $$$, Save Energy
Increase your bottom line

Energy Saving Audits

Solar Energy

Mayer Electric can design and install solar systems for commercial and residental applications.


Electrical Charging Station

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