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Born of immigrant parents and gifted with an analytical determination to succeed, Richard A. Mayer (1916 - 2003) was the founder Minneapolis-based Mayer Electric. A native New Yorker, Dick moved to California in the early 1940s. It was there that he worked as an engineering subcontractor for the Honeywell division that developed the B24 autopilot. In 1946 Dick moved to Minnesota with his parents Ernest Richard and Bertha (Haas) Mayer and his brother, Ernest. There he lived a life of service to his family, community, and to his employees. In 1998 the electrical industry recognized Ernest Mayer, educated at the University of Minnesota and Dunwoody Industrial Institute, for fifty years of service as an electrician, contractor, and electrical inspector. The brothers, Dick and Ernie, started informal contracting in the late 1940s by creating Mayer Electric which they later renamed Mayer Brothers Home Builders, Mayer Engineering, and finally, Mayer Electric Co., Inc. This company installed television antennas, built a few homes in Bemidji and Fridley, and took on electrical service calls. The business was at the cutting edge of wiring for the Minneapolis computer industry’s printed circuit houses and electrostatic finishing companies.

The company forged upward as a base of school district and municipal contracts provided increased volume and employment.  Dick never married, but Ernie and his wife Vivian had four children. The brothers developed a reputation of honesty and hard work, forming a loyal network of employees who recognized their integrity.

As 1977 approached, Dick began to strategize for the future while feeling a need for change.  He contemplated closing the doors of Mayer Electric and retiring.  The jobs grew sparse and four electricians remained:  Floyd Forsman, Myron Nash, Jerry Holm and George Shaffer (who was nearing retirement age himself).

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Myron & Thelma Nash

While talking with Jerry Holm in 1977, Dick made an offer to sell the business to the employees.  Jerry turned to his co-workers who were young fathers with little time to grow savings accounts.  All the men were members of Electrical Worker’s Local 292, so they couldn’t be contractors – but their adventurous wives could own the company.


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Jerry & Cherie Holm

Incorporation followed with Cherie Holm becoming president; Bonnie Forsman, Secretary; and Thelma Nash, Treasurer.  Each woman went to her bank and took out a $5,000 loan.  Their husbands committed to sweat equity for the remainder of the purchase.

Mayer Electric Corporation opened its doors in September 1977 with its new owners facing the first payroll, a union strike, and the needs of growing families.   The Mayer brothers stayed on for a year as teachers, guiding them through the entrepreneurial process.  The transition was invisible to clients.

Jerry Holm became the electrical estimator early in the development of the new company.  His willingness to please customers and commitment to the Mayer code of ethics has led the company to its present strength.  The corporate officer’s ability to make sound decisions and stay with them to the end proved to be worthwhile.

Today Mayer Electric Corporation has sixty plus employees and a broad base of construction, repair, and maintenance clients.  Several accounts including Ritchie Engineering, Central Container, Creative Carton, copper Sales, Avtec Inc. and Beckman-Coulter rely on Mayer Electric for solutions in times of emergency.  As in the stock and bond markets, it takes both maintenance and construction projects to carry Mayer Electric to financial stability.

Project size has grown and many Twin Cities-area businesses have benefitted from doing business with Mayer Electric.  In 2004, Wirth Companies of Minneapolis pioneered the largest indoor water park in Minnesota named Ramada Hotel & Grand Rios Water Park.  Wiring by Mayer Electric and project management by Adolfson & Peterson, Inc. proved to be an enormous advantage to the owner.  In 2007, Mayer Electric has again partnered with Adolfson & Person in the construction of a newest Northmarq property in Bloomington, an 11-Story high rise office tower with adjacent 6 level parking ramp. Long-term and trustworthy relationships are also enjoyed with general contractors such as Adolfson & Peterson, Inc., Grand T Builders, Frana and Sons, Inc., Greiner Construction, St. Paul Construction, Stahl Construction, and many others.

A full range of low voltage products and wiring services may now be contracted directly from Mayer Electric.  Property managers such as Liberty Property Trust, Northco Corporation and Gittleman Management ride high on the favored list of service contracts.  Time brought technology changes with Mayer Electric’s infrastructure, therefore enabling it to compete with larger electrical contractors.

Mayer Electric has been a benefactor to several nonprofit organizations, with the Jaques Art Center in Aitkin, MN and the James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History at the University of Minnesota being high on its list of favorites.  The sculpture titled Encounter by Ian Dudley, which stands at the entrance of the Bell Museum, was a gift from the company.

Mayer History
Floyd & Bonnie Forsman

The baseball and tennis court lights, public sculpture, and other community projects in the Holm’s home town of Aitkin, MN are the result of Mayer Electric’s corporate sharing.  This sense of community involvement dates back to the 1970a when the firm helped support Champlin’s athletic park and recreation programs.

Expectations of greater strength and determination are upheld by the new generation.  Allan, Kelly and Martin Holm are assuming their parents’ positions in the company.  Two members of the family’s third generation have completed electrical trade school and are Journeyman electrician in Electrical Worker’s Local 292 like their father.  Mayer Electric’s work force is divers in talent, ethnicity, and specialties.  One-third of Mayer’s employees have been employed for more than fifteen years with the company and father - son teams are common.

Mayer Electric now has a team of talented and dedicated Estimators, Project Managers, Electricians, Technicians and Installers that design and install the entire electrical portion of construction projects.

Mayer Electric Corporation is in good hands as it faces the challenges of doing business in today’s world, offering electrical installation solutions with energy and integrity – as a family.

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